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Busy Times

Busy Times...

I did not post during the month of February even though it was the busiest and most productive month for me...apologies.  Moving forward, I will do my best to keep the updates coming and make sure to do my best to keep sharing art and photography.

Remember to stay healthy, focused, and ready.


Hella Kitty

Stop by Cukui and check out this amazing exhibit showcasing 25 women artist.  My favorite pieces are the ones reflecting the current state of this nation...who would have thought a cute kitty can flip the script.

229 Jackson St, San Jose

Mural Bike Tour x #Peoples100Days

Silicon Valley Debug x Empire 7 Studios #Peoples100Days, San Jose, CA

Two community based organizations of San Jose came together to ride for The Peoples' 100 Days.  This was an effort to tour the local murals of the city and to bring awareness to the diverse communities of San Jose through art.  A 100+ riders came together to ride in solidarity and to show that they did not have to stand by for the first 100 days of the new circus administration and all the madness that it is bringing to this country.  We ride together to promote a collective spirit of awareness, fight, health, and community.