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Digging Sound Collect x PDX

In the PDX for the next book launch for Digging Sound Collect.

Expressing Yourself Beyond Boundaries

Expressing Yourself Beyond Boundaries
Group Art Show

Opening Artist Reception: Sunday, August 4, 2019, 5PM - 10PM
Performances: Kiva Uhuru, Xanh, Nicholas Jimenez, Quynh-Mai Nguyen

Gallery Hours:
Sundays, 8/4 (evening), 8/11, 8/18, 8/25
Brunch service: 9AM - 2PM
Dessert service: 5PM - 10pm

Location: Thanh Lan - 1130 Lucretia Ave # G, SJ, CA 95122

Detention, Deportation, Incarceration and the Border

Please join us for an evening of revolutionary photography.

Digging Sound Collect

Photography and book signing Friday, April 5th from 7-9PM.  See you there!

Happy Birthday

Freedom Train March, San Francisco

Digging Sound Collect

Digging Sound Collect by Abraham Menor

Digging Sound Collect, a photography book, focuses on visual stories of vinyl collectors, diggers, producers and spinners from all genres.  This project comes from my own love for digging and collecting vinyl.  

I originally focused on photographing friends’ and listening to the stories about their love and interest for vinyl.  The Bay Area has a rich history in music, djs, and vinyl, affording me the opportunity to build many connections/networks and friendships.  All of us share the passion and love for music and vinyl.  

Soon the project grew - friends referred their friends, I also took a couple of stabs in the dark and reached out to the social media network and connected with some pretty awesome folks.  I wanted this project to show the raw and organic - capturing people in their environments and the moments exchanged in conversation.  With little directions or instructions, I encouraged each person to just share their story the way they felt comfortable in doing so.  

From garages to bedrooms, record stores to storages, and living rooms to recording studios, to attics and outhouses, I was given the opportunity to listen, photograph and collect the memories of their passion and their why. Each person's collection is awesome and unique.  The history, stories, and sounds behind the digs, gifts, and hand-me-downs are amazing.

This is a peak into the worlds I had the opportunity to enter and photograph. 

Artist Reception: Saturday, January 12th 7pm–10pm
DJs spinning: T. Spillman and Big Biz, Victor Vasquez,
Ambitious Outsider and Akro1, Cutso, That Girl

Exhibition Dates: January 12–25, 2019

KALEID Gallery
88 So. 4th St., downtown San Jose
408-947-1785 •
Gallery hours:  Tuesday–Saturday 12–7pm. Free admission.