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Analog Memoirs

Analog Memoirs opening night was a success.  Considering all that has happened this week, we were still able to enjoy art, laughs, good music, and good company.  If you did not make it to the opening, the show will be up for the rest of the month.  Remember that my portion from the sales will go towards the efforts of saving Empire 7 Studios.  
Thank you to Cukui Clothing for giving me the opportunity to showcase my work.  Thank you Akro for spinning the good tunes.  And thank you to all the beautiful people who came out last night.

Help me help friends…

Empire 7 Studios is integral to San Jose’s art scene.  Juan Carlos and Jen have dedicated and committed 10 years of their lives to promoting and supporting the local art scene.  I am fortunate to have been a part of their journey from the beginning in attending creative gatherings and celebrations. In 2010, Juan Carlos and Jen provided me an opportunity for me to share my work with the community.  They believed in me, my work and allowed me to showcase at their spot with 200 plus photographs.
I met Juan Carlos and Jen at my first art show in Japan Town. I knew of them but had not personally met them yet.   We developed a relationship throughout the years, through mutual friends and community gatherings.  We have become friends since 2010 and community partners.  When I was unemployed, they gave me an opportunity to curate the gallery.  When I had a creative idea, but didn’t have anyone to promote it, they supported me with open arms.
I have met and worked with so many great talents through my association with their gallery.  They are now experiencing the wrath of Silicon Valley’s growing gentrification and development, forcing them out of their spot.  They are not quitters and are looking to what the future holds where they can continue to provide opportunities to not only our local artist community, but also the national art scene. 
I am a true believer of community work and I want to do my part to not just help an establishment and movement, but to help friends who care about others.  I am going to dedicate the work that I have collected and produced over the years, to Empire 7 Studios.  What does this mean? I am donating my portion of sales from my show “Analog Memoirs” on Friday, November 11th at Cukui Clothing in Japan Town to the Empire 7 Studios fundraising cause.  Carlos and Jen are not giving up.  They are working hard towards keeping Empire 7 Studios alive and I am going to be a part of that cause because I believe as an artist we must support the people who provide a space to appreciate art and the artist who create it. 
I hope you will support my art by supporting folks I care dearly for.  Let’s keep San Jose lit by the people of San Jose.  Please help me help friends.  
Yours truly… Abraham Menor