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Pages Flipped

"Pages Flipped" 
is a collection of photography and conceptual work that allows you to peak into another world that sometimes plays out in my head when I am reflecting on my life journey.  You are seeing pieces that I have created that brings life to what you would see in one of my journals or scrap books if I were to ever create one.  Each piece represents a page I "flipped" out by adding some fun and funk to the photos I have taken over the years.  The photographs untouched are images that accompany the pieces to allow some rest between pages and the other world I sometimes exist in.
Pages flipped is turning to the next chapter.   Through this body of work I am exploring different facets of art, different depths, different angles, injecting fun, being in the present.  I want to continue to imbed my discoveries from my travels, experiences and my dreams for the next chapter.  

Audio pleasures provided by Dj That Girl and Dj Jenicyde
Homemade lumpia sold by Craig's Lumpia
Limited edition Pages Flipped zine to be released opening night