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Catching Up...

Hoi An, Vietnam 2012

Never to late to share... I know I know I know I'm a terrible person for not blogging correctly.  Shoot that's where life has been for me and the cyber world.  If you see me in person then I will share if you ask and if not well the memories and experiences have stayed with me all this time.  I'm catching up and I am now ready to share with the world...
This photo was taken on a street food tour in Hoi An.  It was a small group tour and consisted of visits to two local street markets, street vendors, and a couple of restaurants.  Great way to get a little taste of Hoi An.  

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To see more photos of my Asia trip 2012 go to the flickr.


Pasig, Philippines 2013

I uploaded a couple of photos from my trip.  There's not too many since I was on vacation and I was holding it to myself to be focused on relaxing and taking it all in just with my eyes and spirit.  Hope that makes sense?

I'm Back 2013

                      Cebu, Philippines 2013

Bringing in 2013 right.  I kind of took a step back from photography this past year.  I revisited my roots in painting and creating images using different mediums.  It has been a fun ride and I feel it is time to start clicking again.  I am currently cleaning up my archives and making room for what is in store.  So much to catch up on and so much to share.    I am excited to get back into the groove..stay tuned.